Top 10 Best

Knife Sharpeners


Not everyone wants to sharpen knives manually. One can save some time and effort by getting this electric knife sharpener. It has a two stage sharpening system that enables you to sharpen all blade types quickly. The base is designed for enhanced stability, and the hand rest will offer you the best grip for your safety. It is an easy to use the appliance, and you only need to plug it in, switch on and guide your knife through the slots as required for your chosen finish. In terms of electric sharpeners, this is the best knife sharpener in its class.

With these knife sharpeners reviewed, you will be able to make an informed choice of the item that will suit your specific needs and taste. From our research, these are some of the best knife sharpeners on the market today.



Everyone wants to own that one item in the house that stands out for its design and efficiency. If you are looking for such, this hybrid knife sharpener could be worth checking. It is the best knife sharpener in terms of diversity of application. It aims to perfectly sharpen and hone all knife types. Sporting a three slot sharpening system that can either be used manually or powered by electricity.

It is safe to handle and with a wide-footed base for stability during use. The product is designed to last with ultra-fine diamond abrasives and a hard wearing outer cover.



When looking for the best knife sharpener that will be used for your different knives, be it ceramic or steel, this product is worth looking at. It has a three slot sharpening system that allows you to sharpen all your knives effectively. They have put a handle that is ergonomically designed for use by both right-handed and left-handed people, and the base is non-slip, broad and flat for added stability.

The manufacturers of this sharpener designed it to last, and the ABS plastic will not break easily. The safety of your hands is also well covered since this product comes with a cut resistant glove as an incentive. They also give a quality guarantee.


If you are looking for the best knife sharpener that will give you unparalleled efficiency and still have style and durability, this could be worth your consideration. It has a two slot sharpening system, a carbide slot for coarse sharpening and a ceramic rod slot for fine honing. The handle allows you greater control and a firm, safe grip during sharpening and also keeps your hand a good distance from the moving knife blade. In order to avert any risk of slipping, the base is wide and flat, and rubberized for maximum grip. The knife sharpener is light and easily portable, and the small size saves up your counter/ shelf space.


The makers of these knife sharpeners have ingeniously combined style and efficiency to create a product that will quickly meet your needs. The Wrenwane knife sharpener is a trailblazing product, with a two slot sharpening system that consists of a tungsten carbide coarse grind slot for the overly dull and blunt knives and a fine ceramic rods slot for the blades that are already sharp and require only a fine touch. It has a handle that is optimized for safety and comfort during use, with a large grip ergonomic design that will comfortably fit your hand. The base is also broad and non-slip for easy handling. It is made of durable plastic, and this sharpener will not bend or break and takes up just a small part of your shelf or counter-top. It is easily portable too.


Specifically designed for the user with different types of knives, this stylish knife sharpener will always get you the best results. It has a three slot sharpening system, with one ceramic knife sharpener slot. The other two slots are rough grind finish and fine grit. With these three slots, you can rest assured that your knives will always be sharp and in good condition.

The knife sharpener comes with a very stylish design that is optimized for safety and performance. The base is flat and wide and made of non-slip rubber. It is easy to handle, with a rounded design that gives you greater control during use and eliminates any chance of accidents.


This knife sharpener will provide safety and comfort during use, due to its ergonomic handle design, and will be firm and stable since it has a flat, wide non-slip base. It also has a two slot sharpening system that consists of a coarse grind slot and a fine grit slot. These slots will enable you to achieve the most exquisite finish for your knives, and bring some life back into your kitchen.

The product is designed to last and will give you the required sharpness with little effort since it takes only a few draws of your blade through the slots.


When a product has touched the hearts of highly rated chefs and culinary experts, there is probably more to it than can be seen at a glance. Knife sharpeners are no exception to this. It is the rating from chefs that made us look deeper into this sharpener, and we found the reason why it is such a hit. The ergonomic design is stylish and comfortable to use. It is also designed to last and has a two slot sharpening system which allows you to choose the final sharpening touch. The base is broad and flat for enhanced stability, and the handle gives a firm, non-slip grip for better safety.

It even gets better with the quality guarantee from the manufacturers.


Culinary experts and chefs hail this as one of the best knife sharpeners ever designed. It is intended to give the best results with as little effort as possible. The sharpener has a two slot sharpening system that allows you to hone your knife depending on the needs, and this is achieved with only a few strokes in the slot chosen. The coarse grind slot will tune your dull or damaged blades for an excellent finish with the fine grit slot. If you only want to put a fine touch to an already sharp edge, the fine grit slot is enough.

The handle is designed for your safety and comfort while handling the knives, and the base is so firm and stable that you will use it on any surface with ease. It is designed to last for long and will take up little space on your shelf, thanks to its design. The manufacturer has given a guarantee for quality, which means they also believe in their product.


You will be surprised at how this item fits the description of the best knife sharpener. It is designed to give you the best results. When talking about safety, the product comes with an ABS plastic handle. The anti-slip rubberized coating on this handle gives you the best grip and keeps your hand safe, while the design perfectly fits your hand.
The sharpener is designed with a three slot sharpening system. These slots are for different sharpening needs. When your knife is too dull, there is a coarse grinding slot. The ceramic knives too will be honed on this sharpener as it has a special ceramic knife sharpener niche for them. Then there is the fine grit slot for fine tuning the knives. Your knives will cut like they are brand new again.

These knife sharpeners have a great design, a stable base, and the manufacturers give a guarantee of quality.